Wieck, Friederich



Renowned German piano instructor, the father and teacher of Clara Wieck Schumann, Marie, Alwyn and Gustav Wieck. He was born at Pretzsch, in Saxony, in 1785; studied theology at Wittenberg, but turned his attention to music, establishing a piano factory and a music store at Leipsic, and finally devoted himself entirely to teaching. He was eminently successful as a teacher, using a rational method of his own. Among his pupils, who by their brilliant performances won him his reputation as a teacher, were R. Schumann, H. von Bülow, Merkel, Spindler and Anton Kraus. His publication, Klavier und Gesang, contains much of his theory and method of instruction. He also published some studies and dances for the piano, exercises in singing and edited a number of classical piano works, which were published anonymously. About 1840 he moved from Leipsic to Dresden, where he resided until his death in 1873. Here he gave vocal as well as instrumental lessons and was active in all musical circles.