Johann Sebastian Bach

The greatest representative of a wonderful family of musicians, who were prominent in Germany for over two hundred years. Bach not only had a long line of musical ancestors himself but he is also said »»

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

One of the greatest composers the world has yet known; born at Salzburg, in 1756. His father, Leopold Mozart, was a man of fine education and profound religious feeling and a thorough musician. »»

Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven, born in the year 1770, came into the world in the beginning of a new era, a period of change and overthrow. During his boyhood, America established her freedom, in his manhood... »»

Robert Schumann

One of the few really great musicians; born June 8, 1810, at Zwickau, Saxony; the youngest of five children. His parents were not musical, nor, so far as has been discovered, were any of his ancestors. »»

Georg Friedrich Händel

One of the world's most gifted musicians, who was born at Halle of a family which possessed no musical talent. His father, a surgeon-barber attached to the ducal court of Saxony at Weissenfels... »»

Joseph Haydn

Haydn was first among the great masters to make himself intelligible to the masses. He was the father of the sonata form and of the modern symphony, in fact the father of modern instrumental music and... »»

Franz Schubert

Famous German lyric composer, who is known as the greatest songwriter that ever lived, of whom Beethoven said: "Truly Schubert has a spark of the divine fire." Schubert was born at Lichtenthal... »»

Johannes Brahms

When Johannes Brahms died, in 1897, there passed the last of the great masters in German music, and one of their greatest. Johannes Brahms came of the people. As Josef Wiess says... »»