Weitzmann, Carl Friedrich



Excellent writer on musical subjects; born at Berlin, where he received training in theory of Klein and in violin of Henning. He later studied under Spohr and Hauptmann at Cassel and in 1832 went to Riga, where he was violinist and chorusmaster in a theatre, and with Dorn, he founded the Liedertafel. In 1836 he took a position as chorusmaster at Reval, and the same year become leader of the Imperial Orchestra and musical director at St. Anne's Church in St. Petersburg. From 1846 to 1848 he studied in libraries in Paris and London, then went to Berlin and established himself as a teacher of composition and a writer, and remained there until his death. He has published a great number of writings on musical subjects,   among them being History of Clavier-playing and Literature. The Diminished Seventh; History of the Chord of the Diminished Seventh; History of Harmony; History of the Pianoforte and many others. He also wrote two books of Contrapunct-Studien; two books of Canonic Rathsel for four hands on piano; the operas, Lorbeer und Bettelstab, Raüber Hebe, and Walpurgis nacht, sacred songs for mixed voices; and several sets of songs.