Weinwurm, Rudolf



Composer of vocal music; born at Schaidldorf-on-the-Thaja, in Lower Austria. After receiving his musical education as a chorister at the Imperial Chapel in Vienna he studied law at the University in 1858, and while there founded the Akademische Gesangverein, which he conducted until 1866. In 1864 he was made conductor of the city Singakademie, and two years later he succeeded Herbeck as leader of the Mannergesangverein. He also became director of musical instruction at the Imperial Teachers' Seminary. In 1877 he resigned his position with the Mannergesangverein to devote himself to his work at the Seminary and at the University, where he was musical instructor, and in 1880 he received the appointment of musicdirector at the University. He has written for male chorus and orchestra, Im Dorfe die Gasse entang; Liebeslieder, Frau Musica, Deutsches Heerbannlied and Germania, the cantata, Husarenfreude, for barytone solo, male chorus and orchestra; songs; singspiel - overture; and choruses with horns or string instruments, or piano or a cappella.