Vaccai, Niccolo



Italian composer; born in Tolentino. His first musical instruction was obtained in Pesaro, where his parents went to live when he was a child. He went to Rome to study law, but at the age of seventeen abandoned it for music. Jannaconi gave him instruction in counterpoint. In 1811 he went to Naples to study dramatic composition under Paisiello, and three years later produced his first opera. He became very popular during the next seven years for his operas and ballets, living in Venice the while. Not satisfied with his success he took up teaching singing, going to Trieste and Vienna. In 1825 he produced his favorite opera, going to Trieste and Vienna. 1825 he produced his favorite c. Giulietta e Romeo, for Naples and also other works. In 1829 he went to Paris and 1832 to London. In both cities he was highly esteemed. Returning to Italy he again devoted himself to composition. In 1838 he succeeded Basili as professor of composition and inspector of studies of the Milan Conservatory, which positions he held until his death, which occurred at Pesaro. His works include seventeen operas, four ballets, a number of cantatas, and sacred vocal music, such as arias, duets and romances. He also published two vocal methods.