Schleinitz, Heinrich Conrad



German musician; the son of a schoolmaster. Zechanitz, Saxony, was his birthplace, but authorities differ as to when he was born, 1802 and 1807 being given as well as 1805, which is probably the correct date. Conrad was a pupil of the Thomasschule, studied law, took the doctor's degree and had a thriving practise. He had also been trained in music, being tenor soloist at the Halle Festival of 1830.


He also sang at Leipsic in the Elijah in 1848; and was on the board of managers of the Gewandhaus, being chiefly instrumental in placing Mendelssohn in charge of the concerts in 1835. He became an intimate friend of the great composer, who dedicated to him the music of Midsummer Night's Dream, and it was for his birthday that Mendelssohn's last piece, Nachtlied, was written. On Mendelssohn's death, in 1847, Schleinitz gave up his practise to become president of the Conservatory which he himself had helped to establish, and started in connection with it the Mendelssohn Fund. He continued his duties there and at the Gewandhaus up to his death, although almost blind in his later years. He possessed many letters of Mendelssohn as well as several manuscript scores.