Schlaeger, Hans



Dramatic and church composer and conductor, who was born at Filskirchen, Upper Austria. He was a pupil of Gruber, a violinist in the capitulary of St. Florian, where he was a choir-boy, then of Preyer at Vienna, and from 1844 to 1861 he was choirmaster of the Mannergesangverein. In 1851 Schlaeger became professor of singing at the Academy of Music, then chapelmaster of the Salzburg Cathedral and director of the Mozarteum, resigning this post upon his marriage, in 1867, to the Countess Zichy. He died in Salzburg. Schlaeger composed the operas, Heinrich and Use and Hans Haidekukuk, both produced at Salzburg. He wrote besides a symphonic tone-picture, Waldmeisters Brautfahrt; prize string quartet; three masses with orchestra; symphonies; a mass for bass voices; graduals; and also other instrumental music.