Scheidt, Samuel



One of the most famous organists who ever lived. Was a native of Halle, Germany, and is noteworthy as being the first to treat the working out of the choral in an artistic manner and in true organ style. He was the best known pupil of the famous Pieter Sweelinck, of Amsterdam, and was organist of the Moritzkirche and chapelmaster to the Margrave Christian William of Brandenburg at Halle, after living for several years at Hamburg. Scheldt's principal work was his Tabulatura nova in three volumes, first published in 1624 and republished in 1892, and which contains figured chorals, toccatas, fantasias, a mass, magnificats, psalms and hymns. He wrote other works, many of which were published in Hamburg, but they are not so well-known as the Tabulatura. Scheidt left a superb organ to the Church of St. Maurice at Halle.