Sabbatini, Luigi Antonio



Noted Italian theorist, ecclesiastic writer and composer; a Franciscan monk. He was born at Albane, Liziale, near JRome, and was a pupil in counterpoint of Padre Martini in a Franciscan Monastery at Bologna, also of P. Valloti, whose theoretical system he adopted, and whom he succeeded as chapelmaster of the Church of St. Anthony at Padua. He published numerous theoretical works, among others a treatise on chords, published at Venice in 1799, and a treatise on fugue in two volumes, published at Venice in 1801. He composed a good deal of music, including a requiem for three tenors and bass. Much of his church-music is in manuscript. He edited Marcello's psalms and compositions in manuscript. A mass of Sabbatini's was performed at the funeral services of Jommelli.