Russell, Louis Arthur



American organist, teacher, writer and composer; born at Newark, New Jersey; was a pupil of S. P. Warren, C. C. Müller, and G. F. Bristow, in New York, and afterward studied in London under Berthold Tours, William Shakespeare, Georg Henschel and J. Higgs. In 1878 he became organist of the South Park Presbyterian Church in Newark, and the next year conductor of the Schubert Vocal Society. In 1885 he established the College of Music of Newark, and became director of the same; also teaching theory, piano and vocal music. In 1893 he organized the Newark Symphony Orchestra, retiring two years later from his position as organist. He has composed a cantata, entitled A Pastoral Rhapsody; also anthems; quartets; songs; orchestral and piano-music. He has also written several works on the technical and theoretical side of music, including How to Read Modern Music; Problems in Time and Tune; The Embellishments of Music; and Development of Artistic Piano Touch.