Rummel, Franz



Distinguished German pianist; born in London. He became at the age of fourteen a private pupil of Louis Brassin at Brussels, later entering the Conservatory in that city, where he took the first prize for piano-playing in 1872; shortly afterward he was made a teacher in the institution, and his pianistic debut occurred at Antwerp in Henselt's piano concerto. The next year he played a Schumann concerto at an Albert Hall concert, London, and on his return was invited to play before the King and Queen of Belgium. He became professor in the Conservatory, where he remained till 1876, when he resigned and began concert tours in Germany, Holland, France, England and America. In 1881 he appeared for the second time in the Crystal Palace, London. He made two subsequent tours in this country, in 1886 and 1898. In 1884 and 1885 he taught in the Stern Conservatory, Berlin, and afterward in Kullak's. He died in 1901. Rummel composed numerous pieces for his instrument, and commanded a large repertory, embracing the most celebrated classical and modern works.