Rufer, Philippe Bartholome



Composer and teacher of piano; born at Liege; the son of a German organist who occupied for fifty years a position in that city. From 1861 to 1864 Philippe studied at the Conservatory of Liege, winning a gold medal for work in piano, organ and composition, and also taught piano in the institution for two years following the completion of his course.. In 1867 he removed to Leipsic, but in 1869 became musical director at Essen; after another two years he settled finally at Berlin, becoming a teacher of piano at the Stern Conservatory, which he left the next year to accept a similar post in Kullak's, which he retained till 1875. In 1881 he resumed his work, this time at Scharwenka's Conservatory. He wrote two operas, Merlin, and Ingo. His instrumental music includes three overtures; a symphony; two string quartets; a trio; two suites for cello and piano; a sonata for violin; one for organ; songs and piano-pieces.