Roth, Bertrand



Pianist; born at Degersheim, Switzerland, and after some previous instruction, entered the Leipsic Conservatory in 1875, where he studied for two years, then went to Liszt at Weimar, and became his pupil, following him to Rome and Budapest, and finishing his studies about 1880, in which year he was appointed teacher of piano at the Hoch Conservatory, Frankfort. On the death of Raff he established, in conjunction with Schwarz and Fleisch, the Raff Conservatory, and taught in it till 1884. In 1885, having removed to Dresden, he became a member of the faculty of the Conservatory there. He severed his connection with this institution in 1890, since which time he has taught in private, given concerts and composed, numerous songs being his chief works. Within the last six years he has given considerable attention to a unique work, for which he has arranged over one hundred of the first productions of contemporary composers, and in which he has enlisted the assistance of other prominent musicians.