Rossi, Marcello



Italian violinist; was born at Vienna; studied first under Hofmann, Court chapelmaster of the cathedral; then at the Conservatory of Leipsic, where he won honors and attracted much attention at a public examination concert. At fifteen he played to Albert, King of Saxony, and was given a valuable diamond by him. From that age he made successful concert tours through Germany and Austria. His last studies were at Dresden under Lauterbach, and at Paris under Massart. After his first tour as a mature player, including Roumania and Hungary as well as the countries already mentioned, he settled in Vienna as chamber musician to the Emperor and the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. In 1888 he was honored by the somewhat unusual offer of the directorship of the Imperial Conservatory of Music at Yeddo, Japan, but did not accept. He did not compose music, but arranged considerable music for violin and piano. He is said to have played with great technical ability, and with expressiveness and breadth of tone. He died in Vienna.