Prentice, Thomas Ridley



English pianist, teacher, composer and writer. Born at Paslow Hall, Ongar. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music from 1861, under Walter Macfarren in piano and George Macfarren in counterpoint, and in 1863 took the silver medal and the Potter Exhibition prize. He was made an associate of the Academy and taught piano there. In 1872 he became organist at Christ's Church, Lee Park, but poor health forced him to resign. Yet, in 1880, he was made professor of piano at the Guildhall School of Music. In 1881 he was professor of piano and harmony at the Blackheath Conservatory and two years later became director of the Beckenham and Windledon schools of music. His educational studies include Hand Gymnastics, one of the Novello Music Primers; and The Musician, a Guide for Piano Students. He wrote a gavotte fantastique; elegy, and other piano-music; besides the cantata, Linda; anthems; and part-songs. He died at Hampstead.