Pratt, Waldo Seldon



Musical educator and writer on musical subjects; born at Philadelphia. After being graduated from Williams College in 1878 he studied two years at Johns Hopkins University. From 1880 to 1882 he was assistant director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. From 1882 to 1891 he played the organ at Asylum Hill Congregational Church, Hartford, and during this time conducted the Hosmer Hall Choral Union of that city, and from 1884 to 1888 led the St. Cecilia Club. He taught elocution at Trinity College m Hartford from 1891 to 1905, and is professor of music and hymnology at Hartford Theological Seminary % a position he has held since 1882. He is also lecturer on history and musical science at Smith College and Mount Holyoke College. He is now president of the Music Teachers' National Association, honorary vice-president of the American Guild of Organists and a member of the International Society of Musicians, and has contributed addresses and articles to various musical societies. He wrote the article on music for the International Encyclopaedia; articles for the Century Dictionary, and Musical Editor; and has edited St. Nicholas Songs, Aids to Common Worship, and Songs of Worship. His latest work is the History of Music, published in 1907.