Pisendel, Georg Johann


German violinist; born at Carlsburg. As a choir-boy he was taught by Pistocchi and Tprelli. At fifteen he was made violinist of the chapel, but in 1709 he went to Leipsic to study at the University. He took Melchior Hofmann's place as chapelmaster. In 1712 he entered the service of the Elector in the orchestra at Dresden. In 1714 he was sent to Paris, and studied with Vivaldi in Venice in 1716, and with Montanari at Rome in 1717. He succeeded Volumier as concertmaster at Dresden about 1730, and from 1731 until his death he led the orchestra at the opera. He was an able conductor and one of the best violinists of his time. He composed a number of compositions, among them a symphony; eight violin concertos; two violin and bass solos; concertos and two concerti grossi.