Napoleon, Arthur



Pianist, conductor and composer; born in Oporto, Portugal. His father was an Italian musicmaster and his mother a native of Portugal. His father very early began to instruct him on the piano, and when he was six years old he appeared in public as a pianist at the Philharmonic of Oporto. He played in Paris, London and Berlin, and twice before royalty. In  Manchester, at the age of eleven years, he began his studies with Halle. In 1856 he again took up his concert tours through Germany and Poland, and in England with Sivori and Piatti, and finally to Brazil, through South America and back to Portugal. In 1862 appeared again in London. In 1865 he opened the fete at the Exhibition at Oporto and the year following made his last tour, a most successful one, during which he played before Queen Isabella. Napoleon has been successful also as a composer; among his works are piano and orchestra compositions. In 1868 he gave up his musical career as a concert pianist, and has established a successful music and piano business at Rio Janeiro, though he has upon several occasions conducted musical festivals.