Nanini, Giovanni Maria



Composer and teacher. Authorities differ as to the date of Nanini's birth, some placing him as a contemporary of Palestrina and giving the date 1540, but more recent research leads to the belief that it took place some time between 1545 and 1550. He was a native of Tivoli; a student at Rome, where he afterwards held positions as a tenor singer in the Papal Chapel and as maestro at St. Maria Maggiore. He was the founder of a public music school in Rome. This school was a great success, and among his pupils were Felice, and Giovanni Anerio and Gregorio Allegri, both composers of note. Nanini was one of the greatest composers of the Roman school, and his Hodie nobis ccelorum Rex, a motet for six voices, is still sung every Christmas by the choir of the Papal Chapel. Many of his works are still preserved in manuscript in various collections in Rome. Among his published works are a volume of Motteti; a number of madrigals and other pieces   included in collections published  in Italy and Antwerp. Nanini died in 1607 and was buried in the Church of St. Luigi de'Francesi.