Bunning, Herbert


English contemporary composer and music-director of distinction. He was born in London, educated at Harrow, matriculated at Brasenose College, Oxford, entered the army, and from 1884 to 1886 was Lieutenant in the Fourth Queen's Own Hussars. The latter year he resigned his commission that he might indulge his fondness for music. He studied first in London with Bruno Schurig, later at Hanover under Engel and at Harrow under John Farmer. He made a sojourn in France and Italy,  studying composition, with Dominicetti and Ferroni at Milan. He returned to London in 1892, was appointed music-director of the Lyric Theatre, occupied this post one year, and from 1895 to 1896 was music-director at the Prince of Wales Theatre. He is the author of numerous compositions, and is highly regarded both as a composer and conductor. An eminent critic speaks thus of his work: " That this Englishman will one day make a big mark in the world of music I instinctively feel. His is a singularly graceful talent, and of orchestral effects he is a consummate master." His first successful work was an Italian scena, Lodovico il Moro, produced in London in 1892. His most important work, the opera La Princess Osra, appeared ten years later. He has written much vocal and instrumental music, is the author of a rhapsody, two symphonic poems, overtures, and suites for orchestra.