Brambach, Casper Joseph


German composer and teacher. Was born at Bonn. From 1851 to 1854 he studied at the Cologne Conservatory, where he won the Mozart Scholarship. Later, he studied as a private pupil with Ferdinand Hiller. In 1858 he became professor at the Cologne Conservatory. This position he held until 1861, when he became music-director at Bonn. In 1869 he gave up this work and has since lived at Bonn as a composer and teacher. Brambach has become especially known as a composer of choral works, the most important of which are Trost in Tonen; Das eleusische Fest; Gesanges; Velleda; Columbus; and Prometheus the last receiving a prize. He also wrote a number of smaller choral works; many partsongs; duets and songs; beside an opera, Ariadne; Tasso, a concert overture; two piano quartets; a piano sextet and concerto and a string sextet.