Boekelmann, Bernardus


Excellent pianist. Born in Holland. Studied first with his father, who was a musical director. Went to Leipsic in 1857, where he studied in the Conservatory under Moscheles, Richter, and Hauptmann. During 1861 and 1862 he was in Berlin, as a private pupil of Kiel, Von Bülow and Weitzmann. Boekelmann made a trip to Mexico, in 1864, where he played on several occasions before the Court. In 1866, he settled in New York, where he has since lived as a teacher and pianist and where he founded and conducted the New York Trio Club. He has composed orchestral music, and many etudes for the piano; as well as four and eight-hand pieces and solos, also pieces for the violin and piano, and songs. He has published an edition of Bach's Well-tempered Clavichord, in colors, which is very unique.