Zeugheer, Jakob



Violinist; born at Zurich, where he first studied violin under Wassermann. In 1818 he went to Munich to study violin under Ferdinand Franzl and composition and musical science under Gratz. In 1824 he established the quartet entitled Gebrüder-Hermann (the Hermann Brothers) and they traveled through western Europe until 1830. This quartet was one of the first of its kind. Zeugheer settled in Liverpool, where he resided until his death. In 1831 he was made director of the Gentlemen's concerts at Manchester, and in 1843 director of the Liverpool Philharmonic Society. Possibly his greatest work was done as teacher, for though not a pianist, he thoroughly understood the art of training the hand. He wrote two symphonies, two overtures, a cantata, a violin concerto, two sets of waltzes, a vocal duet, songs, and glees.