Weber, Friedrich Dionys



Composer of vocal and instrumental music; born at Welchau, Bohemia. His first musical instruction was given him by Franz Bayer, schoolmaster of Welchau, and he later studied under Abt Vogler. After studying theology and law at the University of Prague he taught music for several years and was one of the founders and the first director of the Prague Conservatory, where later he numbered among his pupils such musicians as Dessauer, Kallawoda and Moscheles. He died in Prague. Among his many compositions are masses; eighteen cantatas; several operas; much piano-music; variations for violin and violoncello; a collection of German songs; dance music and various other compositions. He also wrote Theoretrschpraktisches Lehrbuch der Harmonic und des Generalbasses, and Allgemeine theoretisch-praktische Vorschule der Musik.