Vilim, Joseph



Contemporary American violinist and teacher; founder of the American Violin School of Chicago. He was born in Chicago, of Bohemian descent; took a course at the famous Prague Conservatory, and was graduated in violin from the Conservatory in 1882; returned to Chicago in 1883. After giving concerts for a year he became teacher of the violin at the Chicago Musical College; remained in this post three years, then accepted the post of director of the violin department in the American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, but spent the year 1887 abroad in study. On returning home Mr. Vilim resumed work at the American Conservatory; remained here twelve years. He founded the Beethoven String Quartet of Chicago, the Vilim Trio and recently the Vilim Family Trio. From 1904 to 1906 he played first violin in the Thomas Orchestra, and has participated in all branches of orchestral playing. His time at present is largely taken up with his work as a teacher. Among his pupils have been Harry Dimond, Miss Edna Earl Crum, Julius Brander and his own son, Richard Vilim, who plays second violin in the Vilim Family Trio.