Truhn, Friedrich Hieronymus



Composer and musical journalist; was born at Elbing, in West Prussia. He studied in Berlin under the theorist, Siegfried Wilhelm Dehn, also under Bernhard Klein and Mendelssohn, living in Berlin until 1835, when he became chapelmaster of the theatre at Dantzic. He returned to Berlin two years later, but soon after became one of the chief contributors to Schumann's paper, The Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik, at Leipsic. He made many concert tours, one with Hans von Bulow in 1854 and others through Poland, Holland and Scandinavia. In 1852 he founded the Neue Liedertafel in Berlin, in which city he lived the greater part of his life, dying when seventy-five years old. He wrote the marionette opera, Der baierische Hiesel; the melodrama, Cleopatra; and the comic opera, Trilby; Mahadoh; Der Abschied; and many popular songs, among them The Three Chafers.