Thiériot, Ferdinand



Composer of vocal and instrumental music of the modern German School; born at Hamburg. He went to Altona to study with E. Marxsen and later to Munich, where he was under the instruction of Rheinberger. After holding a small theatre-position at Ansbach he became music-director of Hamburg, then at Leipsic, and in 1868 leader of the Glogau Singakademie. Ansbach he became music-director at the Styrian Singing Society at Gratz, after which he returned to Hamburg and devoted himself to composition. He has published many compositions, among which are Loch Lomond; the overture to Turandot, and the Sinfonietta. He also wrote an opera, Renata, and four excellent symphonies which are unpublished; sonota for piano and violin; quartet and quintet for piano and strings; and some pieees for cello with piano accompaniment.