Reeves, David Wallis



American bandmaster, cornet virtuoso, and military composer; born at Oswego, New York. He was chiefly self-instructed, but received some lessons in violin and cornet from Thomas Canham. He was leader of a circus band, and subsequently went to New York, where he became a member of Dodworth's Orchestra, and studied harmony under Jacob Kochkeller. After a trip with a minstrel company to England he returned to this country and took the position of solo cornet in Dodworth's band. In 1866 he became director of the American band and orchestra at Providence, Rhode Island, in which position he remained for over twenty-five years. This organization improved greatly under his leadership. He has also been the bandmaster of several military organizations, conductor of the Rocky Point Musical Festivals from 1875 to 1878, and director of the Rhode Island Choral Association; has made concert tours as cornetist in Europe, as well as America, playing in the chief cities of England, Germany, and the United States. His compositions include two comic operas, The Ambassador's Daughter, and The Mandarin Zune; over seventy marches for military bands, besides transcriptions and arrangements for band and orchestra. Some of his works have been very popular.