Puppo, Giuseppe



Eccentric but talented Italian violinist. Born at Lucca. He studied at the Conservatory of San Onofrio in Naples, made rapid progress, and early set out on a tour of Italy and France. He was in Paris in 1775; then made a fortune in Spain and Portugal, and 1'ived in London until 1784. He then returned to Paris and became leader of the orchestra at the Theatre de Monsieur, under Viotti, in 1789, and at the Theatre Frangais in 1799 and also taught and played accompaniments in fashionable society. In 1811 he abandoned his family, returned to Italy, and conducted at the San Carlo Theatre in Naples. In 1817 he went to Lucca, and, utterly destitute, died in a hospice at Florence. Works: three concertos, two duets, and studies, for violin; six fantasias, and other piano-music, a few of which were published.