Pradher, Louis Barthelemy



Pianist and teacher, son of a violinist; born at Paris. Studied under his uncle, Lefeyre, and at the Royal School of Music under Gobert. Madame Montgeroult was his teacher for a short time, and later, at the Conservatory, he studied under Gobert and took theory from Berton. Married Andre Philidor's daughter. In 1802 he took Hyacinthe Jadin's position as professor of piano at the Conservatory. He taught the daughters of Louis Philippe, and was Court accompanist to Louis XVIII. and Charles X. He married for his second wife the opera singer, Felicite More, and in 1827 retired, on a pension, to Toulouse, where he was professor of the Conservatory for some time. He died at Gray, Haute Saone. His compositions include the comic operas, Le Chevalier d'Industrie; La Folie Musicale: Jeune et Vieille; L'Emprunte Secret; Philosophic en voyage; and Jenny la Bouquetiere; and numerous compositions for the piano.