Plaidy, Louis



German pianist, teacher and writer; born at Hubertsberg, in Saxony. He was a pupil of Agthe in piano and Haase in violin, and first appeared as a violinist in Dresden. In 1831 he went to Leipsic, and took lessons in piano technique and teaching. In 1843 Mendelssohn appointed him teacher of piano at the Leipsic Conservatory, where he remained until 1865, and where he made himself famous by his ability to teach the technique of piano-playing. The last part of his life was spent in giving private lessons. The results of his knowledge and experience are preserved in his valuable book Technische Studien fur das Pianofortespiel. He is also the author of a pamphlet, Das Clavierlehrer, translated into English by F. L. Ritter and John S. Wight as the Pianoforte Teacher's Guide and the Piano Teacher. He was a simple and modest man, honored and loved by all who knew him. He died at Grimma. Among his pupils were Arthur Sullivan, and the Americans, Dudley Buck, Charles C. Converse, James C. D. Parker and Frederick Grant Gleason.