Nohl, Carl Friedrich Ludwig



Writer on musical subjects, lecturer and teacher. Nohl's contributions to musical literature are of much value, many have been translated into English and are well known to students of music. Among the best known are his Mozart's Letters, Beethoven's Letters, Letters of Musicians, Gluck and Wagner, Life of Beethoven, Beethoven According to the Representations of his Contemporaries, and Mozart According to the  Representations of his Contemporaries. He was born at Iserlohn, in Westphalia, educated to be a lawyer, and for many years pursued his study of jurisprudence at Bonn, Heidelberg and Berlin, because it was his father's wish, but he felt that his talents lay in the direction of music and literature. He studied theory of music with Dehn at Berlin, and later became a pupil of Kiel. In 1850 he settled at Heidelberg, where in 1860 the University conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. In 1865 King Ludwig appointed him an honorary professor at the University in Munich, but in 1872 he returned to Heidelberg and remained as a teacher of musical history and aesthetics. Nohl died at Heidelberg.