Niggli, Arnold



Author of works on musical subjects; born at Aarburg, Switzerland, where his father was principal of the girls' school. He studied law at Heidelberg, Zurich and Berlin. In 1875 he was appointed secretary to the city council of Aarau. He had early learned to play the piano and had given much of his leisure time to the study of theory and history of music, and now became a regular contributor to several musical periodicals, and has been editor of a Swiss musical magazine. Sammlung musika- lischer Vortrage is a collection of his essays upon the lives and work of Chopin, Schubert, Faustina Hasse, Gertrud Elizabeth Mara, Paganini and Meyerbeer; another is a collection of lectures given in Switzerland, including essays on Schumann and Haydn; a biography of Jensen and treatises upon jubilee work and one upon Swiss  usic in general. Much of his work is considered valuable, especially his criticisms of the masters.