Krauss, Marie Gabrielle


Called by the French "the singing Rachel." Celebrated actress and opera singer, who appeared with remarkable success in Vienna, Paris, Naples and St. Petersburg. She was born at Vienna, and studied music at the Conservatory there, and vocal from Mme. Marchesi. She took part in Schumann's Paradise and Peri when it was given for the first time in 1858 at Vienna, and made her first appearance in the opera there as Mathilde in Tell in 1859. She became very popular in her native city, and in 1867 went to Paris, where she played at the Italian Theatre as Leonora in Trovatore, and in many other successful parts. She made a tour through Italy, being successful at Naples, and less so at Milan, and finally was offered a position at the Academic in Paris, where, after another tour to St. Petersburg in 1874, she appeared first as Rachel in La Juive, and for many years in the leading roles of forty or more operas. After she left the stage she sang at concerts and also taught. She was noted almost as much for her brilliant and impassioned acting as for her voice.