Kessler, Joseph Christoph


Also written Kotzler. German pianist and composer, chiefly known for his piano etudes, which were approved by Liszt and Moscheles. He was born at Augsburg and studied with the organist Bilek at Feldsberg and at a seminary at Nicolsburg. He studied philosophy at Vienna, and afterward entered the household of Count Potocki as piano teacher at Lemberg and Landshut. Later he lived at Vienna, Warsaw and Breslau, and for twenty years at Lemberg. In 1855 he went to Vienna again, where he died. His works were praised by very many musicians, but though technically excellent they are for the most part uninteresting. He published various compositions, as, nocturnes; polonaises; concertos; preludes; church-music; and songs; one of his best-known works being Blüthen und Knospen.