Duvernoy, Victor Alphonse


A noted French pianist and composer, who was born in Paris and was a pupil at the Conservatory, studying under Marmontel, Bazin and Barbereau. He took the first prize for piano, and in 1892 produced at the Theatre Royal, Liege, his first opera, Sardanapale, which was a success. His opera, Helle, was given for the first time in 1896 at the Opera, Paris, and his symphonic poem, La Tempete, for chorus, orchestra and solos, won the City of Paris prize in 1900. His other works are a lyric scene, Cleopatre; a two-act ballet, Bacchus, produced at the Paris Opera in 1902; symphonic pieces; an overture, Hernani; some chamber-music, which gained for him the Chartier prize; and many piano and orchestra pieces. Duvernoy was connected with the Paris Conservatory for many years as teacher of the piano class.