D'Arville, Camille


She was born in the village of Oldmarck, Province of Overyseel, Hol- land, and belongs to the old guard in American comic opera, the others being Lillian Russell, Pauline Hall, Fay Templetpn and the late Jessie Bartlett Davis. She received her training from French and Italian teachers, and when she was twelve years of age was sent to Amsterdam, where she studied music at the Conservatory. In that city she made her debut in concert in 1877. Later she went to Vienna, where she studied for a time, and she appeared in a one-act operetta, entitled Cymbria, at the Strand Theatre, London, with success. Her name was originally Neeltye Dykstra, but after her first appearance in opera, she changed it to Camille D'Arville. She toured the English provinces for a time in various operas, followed by an engagement at the Gaiety Theatre, London. She came to the United States in 1888 under the management of J. C. Duff, making her first appearance here in a comic opera, The Queen's Mate. For the next few years she appeared in New York and London frequently, and made her reputation, as a comic opera star while singing in this country with The Bostonians. While prima donna of this organization she sang with great success in The Bohemian Girl, Robinhood, The Highwayman and The Mascotte.