Clark, Charles W.


Contemporary American singer, who has won distinction in oratorio and concert fields. He was born at Van Wert, Ohio. In 1887 he studied in Chicago under Mr. Frederick Root, and afterward made extended tours throughout the United States, singing in concert and oratorio. Annual visits abroad were indulged in during this period, some instruction being received of George Henschel in London and Gura in Munich. He made his first public appearance in London, with the London Philharmonic Society, in 1897. He has toured several seasons in Italy, France, Germany and England, the latter country having proven his broadest field. Under Richter, he sings frequently in Wagnerian roles. In 1902 he took up his residence in Paris, and in 1903 appeared at the Paris Conservatory concerts the first American soloist in the seventy years' history of these concerts. Since his first appearance, he has sung at the Conservatory concerts each succeeding season, in Paris appearing also with the Philharmonic Society and the Cologne Orchestra. He returned to America for the seasons of 1905-1906 and 1907-1908. Mr. Clark possesses a barytone voice of wide range, his work is individual, and the enviable success met with abroad has been won by unaided effort. He is also very successful as a teacher.