Zumpe, Hermann



Dramatic composer; born at Taubenheim, Upper Lusatia. He studied at the Teachers' College in Bautzen after which he taught a year at Weigsdorf. Going to Leipsic he obtained a position at the third town school. While there he played the triangle in the orchestra of the town theatre and studied under Carl Albert Tottmann. He spent the years 1873 to 1876 with Wagner at Bayreuth, aiding in the preparation of the Nibelungen scores. He after wards became conductor at Salzburg, Würzburg, Magdeburg, Frankfort, and from 1884 to 1886 at Hamburg. He spent the years until 1891 teaching, preparing opera singers and composing, and then was appointed Court chapelmaster at Stuttgart. Two years later he succeeded Faiszt as conductor of the Verein für klassische Kirchenmusik, and in 1895 he went to Munich as Court chapelmaster. Later he went to Schwerin and in 1901 to Meiningen. Among his compositions are the operas Anahra and Die Verwünschene Prinzessinn, the operettas Farinelli, Karin and Polnische Wirthschaft, an overture to Wallenstein's Tod, and many songs.