Ziegfeld, Dr. Florenz



Founder and president of the Chicago Musical College; has rendered great service to the music life of Chicago. Dr. Ziegfeld was born at Jever, Oldenburg, Germany, began the study of music at an early age, was pupil and also personal friend of Moscheles, Plaidy, Papperitz, Wenzel, Richter and David. In 1858 he made a visit to America, following four years of study at the Leipsic Conservatory. He returned to settle in this country, selecting Chicago as place of residence. In 1867 he started the Chicago Academy of Music; for thirty-five years was actively engaged in teaching, giving up this work to devote his time to his executive duties as head of the Chicago Musical College. This institution, which had its beginning in the Academy of Music, is now the largest musical institution in the world, its influence is farreaching, its growth has contributed to the growth of Chicago as musical center. Dr. Ziegfeld visits Europe every year, keeps up ctose association with musical affairs abroad, where the service rendered by his devotion to his art has received distinguished recognition. Mention should be made of the bestowal upon him by France of the Cross of the Legion of Honor.