Zenger, Max



Dramatic composer; born in Munich, where his father was a professor of law. He studied music under Stark of Munich and in the Leipsic Conservatory. In 1860 he was appointed chapelmaster at Ratisbon, in 1868 a similar position at Regensburg and the year following he was made musical director of the Royal Opera in Munich, and in 1872 Court chapelmaster at Carlsruhe. His health failing, he returned to Munich where he lived quietly until 1878, from which year until 1885 he was conductor of the Oratorio Society. He was also conductor of the singing society of the Academy and choirmaster of the Royal School of Music. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy hon. causa was conferred upon him in 1897 by the University of Munich. He has composed several operas, Die Foscari, Ruy Bias, Wieland der Schmied; oratorio, Kain; secular cantata for mixed chorus and orchestra, Die Heinzelmannchen; the cantata Eros and Psyche; two ballets (for King Ludwig II.); two Gretchen scenes from Goethe's Faust; symphony in D; an overture; piano trio; choruses, piano-music and songs.