Zellner, Leopold Alexander



Excellent harmonium player; born at Agram, where his father was cathedral organist and from whom he received his musical instruction. While only a child he could perform on the cello, organ and oboe, composed fairly good compositions and at fifteen was made organist of the Katharimenkirche and kettledrum player at the town theatre. After serving in the army he settled in Vienna as a teacher, also editing a musical paper of his own, the Blatter fur Musik. He gave " historical concerts" from 1859 to 1866, which were very popular. In 1868 he succeeded Sechter as professor of harmony at the Conservatory and as general secretary of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde. He soon resigned to devote his whole time to the latter position. He died in Vienna. His compositions include a method for harmonium, pianopieces, violoncello and harmonium music and choral works. He made improvements in certain details of the mechanism of the harmonium.