Zajic, Florian



Born at Unhoscht, Bohemia, in the poorest of circumstances, this talented violinist finally gained a place at the head of his profession. A Mason became interested in him and sent him to the Prague Conservatory, where he remained for eight years, studying under Moritz Mildner and Bennewitz. His first appointment was that of concertmaster at the Augsburg Theatre, but he soon left to become leader of the orchestra at the Royal Theatre of Mannheim, upon the invitation of Vincenz Lachner. At the same time he taught music and was solo violinist in the subscription concerts. Working with great diligence he achieved a brilliant success m Strasburg and became principal professor of the violin at the Conservatory, succeeding Lotto. During vacations Zajic made concert tours through Germany, scoring many successes and conquered the opposition to German artists in Paris by his playing at one of the Pasdeloup concerts. In 1889 he became concertmaster in Hamburg and two years later succeeded Sauret as violin-teacher at the Stern Conservatory, Berlin, where he has since lived. He established a string quartet there which acquired great popularity.