Young or Yonge, Nicholas


English singer, who was among the very first to introduce madrigals to his country. He was born at Lewes, Sussex, and is supposed to be one of the so-called singing-men at St. Paul's Cathedral during the latter part of the Sixteenth Century. He seems to have been a person of wealth and importance and gave daily musical performances at his home which were very popular. Young published the first book of madrigals in England the title of which is as follows: " Music a Transalpina; Madrigales translated of foure, five and sixe parts, chosen out of divers excellent Authors, with the first and second part of La Verginella, made by Maister Byrd, upon two stanz's of Ariosto, and brought to speak English with the rest. Published by N. Yonge, in favour of such as take pleasure in musick of voices. Imprinted at London by Thomas East the assigne of William Byrd, 1588." The collection contained fifty-seven admirable selections, the best Flemish and Italian composers being drawn upon. In 1597 Yonge published a second collection entitled Musica Transalpina. The Second Booke of Madrigalles, to five and six voices. These were also drawn from the best Italian and French composers, among them Ferabosco, Marenzio, Palestrina, and Lassus.