Wranitzky, Paul



Violinist, dramatic composer and conductor; born at Neureusch, Moravia. He received his education at the monastery, near his native town, at Iglau and Olmutz. Going to Vienna in 1776 he studied composition under Josef Kraus, a Swedish composer, and his compositions received attention. He was appointed to the place of first violin in Prince Esterhazy's Orchestra under Haydn, and jn 1785 became chapelmaster of the Imperial Opera, which position he held until his death, which occurred in Vienna. Wranitzky was a Crolific composer, producing operas, allets and incidental music. His operas were very popular in their time, especially Oberon, a seriocomic fairy opera, which was performed on the occasion of the coronation of the Emperor Leopold II. He also published twenty-seven symphonies, twelve quintets and forty-five quartets for strings, trios for violin, viola and cello, cello and flute music, divertissements for piano and strings and others. He left about fifty works unpublished.