Woyrsch, Felix von



Contemporary Austrian composer, conductor and organist. He was born at Troppau, in Austrian Silesia; studied with A. Chevallier at Hamburg, but is largely self-taught. In 1895 he became conductor of the Singakademie at Altona, also accepted the post of organist in the Friedenskirche there. His compositions include a violin sonata; piano quartet; a string quartet; a symphony; symphonic prologue to Dante's Divina Cornmedia; Sapphische Ode an Aphrodite, for soprano solo, female chorus and orchestra; Deutscher Heerbann, for solos, male chorus and orchestra; Spanish songs; Persian songs; German folk-songs; the ballade Edward, for barytone and orchestra; Die Geburt Jesu, for solos, chorus and orchestra; music to Sakuntala; the operas Der Pfarrer von Meudon, Der Weiberkrieg, Wikingerfahrt, etc.