Work, Henry Clay



American song-writer; author of Marching Through Georgia and other very popular songs. Middletown, Connecticut, was his birthplace; he died at Hartford, Connecticut. His family removed to Illinois while he was still a child, here he attended the common schools. On return of his family to Connecticut he was apprenticed to a printer. Studied harmony and essayed verse, presently began to write songs, both word's and music. He was inspired by the Civil War to bring forth Marching Through Georgia; Wake, Nicodemus; Babylon is Falling; and other songs that became popular. His temperance songs also touched the popular fancy, a favorite Father, dear Father, Come Home with Me, Now; and his sentimental melodies Lily Dale, My Grandfather's Clock, etc., were sung far and wide. Work turned his attention to invention as well as music, patented a rotary engine, a knitting machine and a walking doll. He invested his money in a fruit farm in New Jersey, which did not prove a success, later made his residence in New York, and was associated as composer with Mr. Cody's music -publishing house.