Woodbury, Isaac Baker



American vocal composer; born at Beverly, Massachusetts. His ability to compose was gained entirely through his own efforts. He joined the Bay State Club in 1839. This club was a vocal organization which toured the New England towns, giving concerts. In 1851 he made a trip to Europe. Returning he took up his residence in New York where he contributed largely to musical journals and edited several collections of church and Sunday-school music, including The Dulcimer and Liber Musicus. His vocal compositions were mostly religious and were well liked, among them Rakem, Selena, Eucharist, Tamar, Siloam and Ozrem. He published the following books: The Cythara, Cultivation of the Voice without a Master, Self-instruction in Musical Composition and Thorough- Bass, Singing School and Music Teacher's Companion and Melodeon and Seraphine Instruction-book.