Wood, Henry J.



Distinguished contemporary English orchestral conductor. He was born in London; at an early age displayed unusual skill as an organist, at the age of nine was deputy-organist at St. Mary's, Aldermanbury, between 1883 and 1889 gave organ recitals at various exhibitions. In 1889 he became conductor of the Rousbey Opera Company, the following year was engaged for the Marie Roze concert tour, in 1891 was conductor of the Carl Rosa Opera Company, of the Crotty and Burns Opera Company in 1892, Signer Lago's Italian Company in 1893, the next two seasons conductor of the Musical Festival, and in 1894 was again associated with the Marie Roze Company. His later service as conductor is connected with the Queen's Hall Promenade, Symphony, Choral Society, and Sunday Orchestral concerts; the Nottingham Sacred Harmonic Society; Wolverhampton Festival Choral Society; Wagner Festival concerts; Queen's Hall Saturday Symphony concerts at Crystal Palace; Sheffield Musical Festival; Royal Albert Hall Sunday Afternoon Orchestral concerts; the Birmingham Symphony concerts. In 1899 he founded the Nottingham City Orchestra. Mr. Wood is as devoted to vocal art as to orchestral, and greatly interested in choral work.