Wohlfahrt, Heinrich



Born at Kossnitz, near Apolda, Germany. He received his education at the College at Weimar, studying music under Haser. Upon the completion of his studies he became a tutor and cantor in small Thuringian towns. He became celebrated as an educator, spent some time at Jena, and in 1867 took up his residence in Leipsic. He died at Connewitz, near Leipsic. His published works include a large number of small educational works, including Kinder Klavierschule, Der erste Klavierunterricht, der Klavierfreund, Klavierübungen, Grossere und rein praktische Elementar-Klayierschule, Schule der Fingermechanik, Anthologische Klavierschule, and others; also a Theoretisch - praktische Modulationschule, a Vorschule der Harmonielehre, Wegweiser Zum Komponieren, and others. His sons, Franz (born 1833 at Frauenpriesnitz, died 1884 at Gohlis, near Leipsic) and Robert (born 1826 at Weimar), became popular piano teachers at Leipsic and also published instructive elementary works, for piano.